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Suggestion: Tithing to the Church
   Discussion: Suggestion: Tithing to the Church
Rayancaleb · 6 years, 1 month ago
Hi, I am currently running a small town in Ireland, Ulster Province, Tyrone County, Cabragh Parish. The person running the parish, one Vukovarac, is, to put it kindly, a complete *. He had been a part of House 6, "The Faction". He was doing TERRIBLE at running the parish; it had 6x taxes going, and 300 disease... Black Plague. On top of this, I had 4 wolf dens, 2 bandit camps, and 2 AI castles nearby! My town went from 41 people to 0 and everything ground to a halt.  After talking in world chat, trying to find someone awake and willing to converse, I found someone who was willing to help out. They were a very great aid in dealing with the plague, sending me a mass of monks to completely cure the parish and to bless my town so I could perhaps regain some people. Sadly, it wasn't enough, and Vuko is now on his way to maxing out the disease once more in the parish, all the while continually voting for himself so he retains control of things. I'm currently trying to get someone from my group to help me in pushing him out, but he's essentially shut down the entire parish, and is working to make it completely uninhabited again. Thus my idea. Tithing.  If it were possible to send money or resources to the church of the parish and by doing so, have it produce monks to combat disease or boost morale, this would allow a kind of work around for crappy parish leaders. I don't know what I'm gonna do; I was going the farming route, and so I don't have troops to fight the wolves or bandits, and I'm not strong enough to fight the AI castles around. Not to mention even if I WERE strong enough, I don't have any people to recruit from in my town due to all the negative effects. Tithing is just one option though. I would love having the parish being more than a way for one person to lord over others without doing anything. I think it would be great if people couldn't vote for themselves, and neither could people who didn't have a town inside the parish. What do people think? Also you can check this  2D Promotional Video  

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